Patio Sling King Owner

About Patio Sling King

Since 1998, we have provided exceptional service making and installing slings in the Metro Atlanta and surrounding areas for customers residential and commercial.

Our History

Hi, my name is Hoyt Millner and I am the owner / operator of Patio Sling King. My adventure in the premium Casual furniture industry began in 1994, when I joined the team of Georgia Backyard, the leading Casual furniture retailer in Southeast. I quickly became fascinated by the world of patio furniture with all the different choices the customer has to enhance their outdoor experience.

Major patio furniture manufacturers like Tropitone, Winston, Woodard, along with many others had local furniture reps, that I met and spoke to on a regular basis. This gave me valuable insight on the history and development of their products. With the knowledge that I gained about those products and my keen attention to detail to different types of outdoor furniture, I became an authority on re-slinging and patio furniture repairs in just a few years.

In the early 2000s, when sling replacement became more in demand, I noticed the difficult process a customer has to go through to purchase the correct slings and have them installed. I have witnessed many times, a customer's frustration after ordering slings waiting 6-8 weeks or more, then picking them up from the store and finally getting them home to find out that they are the wrong size or the task of installing them was much tougher than advertised.

I saw an opportunity to greatly improve this process and provide a great service to thousands of customers who could revive their patio furniture with my help. This spurred the beginning of Patio Sling King! I could streamline the process and alleviate the customer's apprehension about having their furniture re-slung.

My business has continued to grow each year with property management clients, HOA's and residential customers calling on Patio Sling King for furniture their outdoor furniture repair.

Where we are today

After achieving such success in the Atlanta market, Hoyt was joined by his brother Trevor opening the Patio Sling King in the Houston Texas area.

We look forward to serving customers in and around Houston with the same great quality and service we provide in the Atlanta area.

How it works?

We come to your home or commercial site, let you browse through over 100 fabric choices and take measurements. No more guessing what the fabric really looks like based on an image on the internet and hoping you get the color you wanted. In just a couple of short weeks, we return with customized slings and install them on site.